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Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!

Not a coffe addict! See?! 81% not a hundred!

Business man drunking a whole pot of coffe by pouring it straight down his throatSo maybe I drink a lot of coffe, about 86 epressos in a day, but still, that doesn't make me and addict?!

And it's true that about every two hours I find myself without the will to live, an empty cup of coffe in one hand, a metal fork in the other, staring longingly at the small holes in the wall socket, so what? I'm sure everyone does that! From time to time. Another couple of espressos will fix that right up!

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To my Hero, Robert A Heinlein: Happy birthday buddy!

Robert A Heinlein - my hero.My childhood was not that great, but still, I wouldn't trade if for a different one. All that crap shaped me towards the hilarious, smart and talented and so very humble and modest person you see before you today. You wouldn't think that mean, alcoholic parents with the combined intelligence of parsley should have that effect on a young man. But as it turns out, they didn't. 

In the absence of good role models in my life I turned to books to find them. Among those books were science fiction from my Hero, Robert A Heinlein. I actually have a small altar in my home in His Honor with some pictures, candles and quotes, and I try to set aside time every day for a quiet prayer by it and maybe a little dancing too.

So I feel I owe big thanks to Robert A Heinlein for providing me with very good role models. It's his birthday today (2008-07-07), 101 years old. Congratulations buddy and thanks!

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I am celebrating today

Redhead young girl, dressed in bathrobe, making pancakes– Enjoying your single life?
– Well, yeah, sure. Who wouldn't?
– So, how long have you been free as  bird?
– A couple of months.
– Exactly how many?
– Well, if you must know. (counting with fingers) One.. two...
(Interupting) – Twelve?
– Euhm, yes... Today actually.
– 12? You've been single for 12 months, that's one year!  What are you? Some kind of religious nut? Took a wow of chastity?
– I'm not religious.... Cheers!
– So a nut then?
– Of cource I'm not A nut... More like a whole warehouse full of them.
– For the love of God, why? How did this happen? Don't you like girls or what?
– I love girls, a lot ! I know everything about girls.
– So, can't find one good one, huh?

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