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Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!
Welcome to the personal bilingual humorblog of Ola Andersson, also known on "teh internets" as Taz_1999. This is where I experiment with writing stuff that should be funny but mostly failing spectaculary in doing so. I have also other projects like Bokföra Moms — a site in Swedish about bookkeeping where I help people doing it. Bookkeeping is something we have to do, but it's is booring and I hate it. But that site has a lot of visitors and this one, who is fun for me has no visitors whatsoever, go figure! Another one is: Plugga Enklare — a site about learning stuff in a fun way, curently under development. And yet another one is: Why We Love Women — a really stupid blog listing all my misunderstandings about women. Could be fun, but I'm not currently working on it, since there are so very many of them, my misunderstandings I mean. I live in Stockholm, Sweden on the tiny island called Lilla Essingen and I am 44 years old, short, round (ok then, fat), single, no kids and drive a ridiculous moped from China. I'm self employed since 2000 and my current company is called Mammals and I'm working with compu.. I mean... I'm a fireman carpenter pornstar astronaut musician who is also crazy good at cooking. I know nothing about anything. Except partying. Which I've only heard of. I hope all this is non-threatening. My heart condition means sex literally could kill me if I get too excited. But thats OK, since my last will and testament states that the last women who does "it" with me will inherit the number to my secret swiss bank account. The number is also tattoed on my person. If you belive any of this and are a hottie, please drop me a line and a photo.

Canon EOS 7D — a few cool movies

Canon EOS 7D by CRSANI'm working on making a website about studying, learning stuff and also exactly how much education as we know it really blows. It's going to be really funny.

To do that I need to make a few videos, about a hundred or so. I was looking at a regular video camera (like Canon HF S21), but a friend of mine who makes music-videos suggested I have a look at the Canon EOS 7D. So I did and when I see him again I will sincerely thank him for his suggestion, that will cost me a LOT of money. :) 

I have decided to purchase one of theese after looking at a lot of information on the internets. This entry contains a few cool movies I have been sending to friends and family to show what the camera I'm currently drooling over can do. Later entrys will be about resources about learning how to use it, and maybe another entry will be about places on the internet were this type of camera is discussed (forums, blogs, newssites). Hopefully anyways.

Click the Read More to se the videos shot with Canon EOS 7D.

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Map over Espresso Houses in Stockholm

Espresso House LogoI spend an awful lot of time in coffeshops, especially Espresso House. In the summers they make a delicious frappino made of ice cold vanilla milk, espresso and chocolate sauce. This drink has magical properties besides tasting great. It also makes it possible for you to concentrate like crazy, understand really long and complex calculations stretching over four pages, lose weight by sheer willpower in minutes, read chinese, appear irresistible to men and women, hear other peoples thoughts and divide by zero. Just like Chuck Norris. Well if you drink enough of them, about 12 in a day should do it.

For some strange reason there is no map on their list over Espresso House coffe shops in Sweden, so I, having about 10.000 better things to do, made a map over those Espresso House coffe shops that are in Stockholm. Thats one way to spend Valtines day i suppose...

I might have gotten some info in the map wrong, but I also filled in some missing info. Bear in mind that this map is in no way endorsed by Espresso House. Almost all the info comes from their page.

Click the "Read more" button to see the map over Espresso House in Stockholm.

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(NSFW): Finally, a product worthy of my most excellent name - Proudly presenting the... (wait for it...)

Ola vibrator by MinnaI'm having way to much fun with this discovery. A few days ago I happened to find (on a very technical website a visit regulary, also here) a product bearing my name! And when you think about it, for this particualar product it really is a good name, since it is, well, my name, and it also sound like the noise a person using this product would make. Maybe I'm imagining that last part, but anyways...

A company called Minna, to which I probably should send a big fat stinky check so they can immediately ship a whole crate of theese things, has decided in it's glorius wisdom to name their new product after me! Wow, it is such an honour to be chosen like this. This is also a big surprise since we have never had any contact, but I'm drunk a lot, so I probably just forgot.

Here is the kicker - the product is not garbage truck, it is not a ceramic nose puppy*, it is not a spray on hair, it is not a toilet plunger either. It is not a crappy product in any way. It is... wait for it, a honest to God, very technically advanced sex toy, the Ola vibrator! I'm so happy I could cry right now!

Click the read more button to read the rest!

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