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Olas humorblogg (med lite politik)

Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!

Happy new year (first entry)

Happy man, dressed in suit and tie, making thumbs upWell the reason I started this blog is easy, my investments in lottery tickets are really lacking in solid monetary results. And since there are right at this very moment a lot of really boring, stupid and clueless people getting lots of readers and making loads of money filling their blogs with silly jibberish, I can't help thinking I could be one of them! Besides, I am one of the top people in the field of completely meaningless babble around. I should do great at this blog-thingy! Welcome and enjoy!

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