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Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!

Old joke: Politics is like football. You have to be smart enough to understand the game, and dumb enough to think it is important. Well I DO think it is important. Here are my ramblings of a political nature.

Better than being informed...

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - logoI get my political news and commentary in the United States from the same source as most Americans get them from, that is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. 

Up until earlier this year you could watch entire episodes, for free, over the internet, advertising and all. But because there is such a thing as copyright lawyers, or as they shuld be refered to, human stains, alas, this is no more. This service has been blocked for all visitors outside of the USA! Don't you think that if people are willing to watch your show, commercials and all, that it might be  good idea to let them? Even if they come from that scary place that is outside of US?

UPDATE July 1, 2009: Now there are commercials. 

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Swedish Pirate Party got in!

 The Swedish Pirate Party has won one seat in the European Parliment. Yeay! I'm very happy about that. Laughing

This is big news out there, outside of Sweden that is. If you search international news for Pirate Party you will find 2496 mentions/stories about the Swedish Pirate Party. That is a lot, so this is a big thing.

There are almost as many articles in the international press about Christian Engström, freshly elected member of the European Parliment for the Pirate Party, as there are about Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedish Prime minister. The count is: 1315 vs 1793.

Read more here: Nyhetsbrev 2009-06-09 from Rick Falkvinge (in Swedish only)

What does the Pirate Party want then?

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