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Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!

Looking for insightful, thoughtful and well researched comments on the state of the world, life in general and the future of mankind? Boy, are you in the wrong place for that!

My key to true happiness

A key in a door - in the door frame - the ocean on a sunny daySometimes when I have a conversation with myself I ask me: "Not only are you one of the most crazy people in the western hemisphere, you are also one of the most uniqely creative. What, pray tell, would one such as yourself consider being the key to happiness?".

I always answer this: "My simple dream is to work hard and live a long an prosperous life that would leve me filthy stinking rich  because this is the key to true happiness." 

– "Money and work is the key to happiness?" I respond, sceptically.

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