Blonde topless woman holding a tie across her breast around her neck I'm constantly trying to see more nekkid, ehrr, I mean, I'm constantly trying to improve the world in whatever little ways I can and leave it in a better shape for our children, they are our future. Therefore, I, being a creative person with just a little bit of insane tendencies, gets lots of stellar ideas all the time and I would like to share them with you my dear reader.

If you are with me this far you probably think I'm going to say something stupid next, well that is completely wrong, I'm going to say something incredibly stupid, so keep reading!

So I was thinking about that burning issue that women can't dress in whatever the hell they like since stupid men seem to think that clothes have some sort of hidden secret message (and this message is by some strange coincidence always the same - "please do me!" and it is adressed to any man).

I for one thinks this is a great injustice to women and some appreciative men (like me) that they are not being able to wear what they like in todays society, it is 2008 now!

If a hot women steps out of the shower one beautiful morning and wants to wear a cowboyhat, bikini, boots, chaps, tie and a breifcase to a business meeting, but decides not to because some stupid guy on the bus might read into this that it is Ok to cop a feel if she is wearing this or that the people at the business meeting later might treat her like someone less capable or intelligent wearing this and decides not to, this is clear injustice to me... not getting to see this on the bus every morning or in business meetings all the time... ehrr, I mean to women in general.

So I have a solution. Here's the thing: When attire like this is uncommon it stands out when it is worn by some hottie and this is the problem I think.  So just by doing one simple thing, making sure that attire like this is commonplace we can expell the notion that clothes have a message and particulary that message.

But even I, with my limited graps of reality and of other people, understand that this can not be acheived from one day to another. So I have a solution for that too, and here is my stellar idea: In business it is a common practice to have casual day (or casual friday) where you wear something comfortable instead of suit and tie for the men and "business dress" for the women. Let's just take this concept a bit further and institute the Topless day (or Topless friday), where women can, if they feel like it, wear pretty much anything not excluding absolutely lovely nothing, on the upper half of the body!

This would make it impossible in a court of law in for instance sexual assault cases for the asshole to claim "her clothes made my client do it" as defence for his client, especially if the female judge is wearing a cowboyhat, bikini, boots, chaps and a tie. Don't you agree?

There are many more upsides to this idea if you just think about it, especially if you think of the effect the female form and of course the female herselt have on a man.

Please list some in the comments! :)