Olas humorblogg (med lite politik)

Välkommen till Ola Anderssons/Taz_1999 personliga två-språkiga humorblogg. Men tyvärr är den inte kul, på något av språken. Ledsen för det. Jag har dock en bra ide på att lösa det problemet, genom att lära mig mera. Ett tredje språk alltså: Eskimåiska. Hrurfru ghuujik illloooik. Hahaha!

I think about things a lot. I'ts not good thinking, but it's a lot. Here are some of the ideas my "thinking" has lead to. And I'm sorry.

Another stellar idea: Topless day

Blonde topless woman holding a tie across her breast around her neck I'm constantly trying to see more nekkid, ehrr, I mean, I'm constantly trying to improve the world in whatever little ways I can and leave it in a better shape for our children, they are our future. Therefore, I, being a creative person with just a little bit of insane tendencies, gets lots of stellar ideas all the time and I would like to share them with you my dear reader.

If you are with me this far you probably think I'm going to say something stupid next, well that is completely wrong, I'm going to say something incredibly stupid, so keep reading!

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