YouTube logoI love this woman. She is smart. She is a hottie. She likes words, she even has degree in words (Philology), several infact! She has started a really cool website using YouTube to give lessons where she explains where certain words come from, their history, origin and meaning, and she does this really well. Mostly because she has a sense of humor (se below for the video for Naked for instance), and she also is very charming, an underappreciated quality in beautiful women I think. Her YouTube videos has generated over one hundred million views on YouTube! This is fantastic, we should all applaude her efforts in making people learn new stuff. I love this woman!

Hot for Hot For Words - I love Marina - button Some of the words and phrases I use are completely unknown by everyone I know. Now when they give me their usual blank stare and accompanying -"Huh?" (I get that alot), I can tell them: "Go to, click the wordlist, click the words you don't understand, and something magical will happen. An unbelievably beautiful and very charming woman will explain them to you! Now go away!" I reccon this will save me a lot of time.

Her name is Marina Orlova, 27 and she is a philologist, that is a person who studies linguistics and etymology, she has specialized her Philology degrees in word origins. Her FAQ is here.

She is also the #1 Guru on YouTube, she is the most watched channel on all of YouTube, her videos (about 5-7 a week) are seen over five million times weekly. Impressive, don't you think?


Her webbsite - - Marina Orlova webbsite

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Some videos I like

Here are just a few examples from the letter P.

Peanut Gallery

Oh, so charming.

Pet Peeve

Oh, so smart! 


Oh, so funny. I love this woman!

There are so many others so I stop here. :)

Complete word list is here.