Simpleer Times brand beer canToday is the 75th birthday of the genious idea to put beer in a can. Yes. A 6000 year old invention could actually be improved! 

Jan 24 1935 is when the first canned beer went on sale to the general public. The place was Richmond, Virginia and the two first types of beer was Krueger's Finest Beer and Krueger's Cream Ale, both in a 12 oz can, wich is 34 cl. You can see pictures of the first beer cans here. Don't miss the block buster beer cans page on the same site. You can also se the first cans on the history of the beer can page, made by the Brewery collectibles Club of America. And No, I'm not making that up, that is an actual club.

The history of beer, how beer must have been invented

Obviously this is how beer was invented. In the area we now call Iraq (and not maybe Ground Zero Ocean as some would like to), about 6000 years ago, there were two guys standing next to a bucket of water in which there had been seeds floating for a few weeks. It propbably looked pretty gross. One of the guys dared the other – "I dare you to drink that disgusting water" he said. And the other one did just that, just to show him. And that was how beer was discovered!

Also, the next day followed the invention of the hangover, and a new religion - worshiping the porcelin gods. Which is strange, because porceline wasn't invented yet.

A few years later, when the manfacturing method was improved greatly, the invention of the beer goggles came along. This is when a persons attractiveness grows larger, the more beer you have consumed. Also known as the only way ugly people, has been able to get laid for thousands of years.

Well, after that, all the important historic events took place.

Pretty much everything that has ever happened, was aided by beer. We owe beer som much.

The egyptians that built the pyramids were partly paid in beer. Also, most of them were slaves. That and beer gets shit done. The Egyptians taught the holy amber liquid making process, also called the nectar of the goods, to the the Greeks, who taught the Romans, who later became the British. Then Monks started making beer.

This is how it happened. Probably.

Photo: Simpler Times by vmiramontes.

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