To be a gadget freak with a fetish for tools is really fun! I imagine what I experience in the hardware store is about the same thing women experience in the shoe store. Execept all the questions about what in Gods name you need all theese tools for and why do you spend all your hard earned money on them? Doesn't anyone know anymore that the person that die with the most stuff wins?

I think the biggest reason why women buy more and more shoes must be because they hear voices? In the shoe store the shoes speak to them and they say things like: – Take me home, save me, the other shoes are mean to me! Also I will make you look at least 10 kg lighter!

It is the same with men and those man-traps like hardwarestores and gadgetstores... We also hear voices and they say crazy stuff like: – Take me home so we can fix stuff, together, just you and me Alfred. The voices always call us Alfred, like the farmhand in the stories by Astrid Lindgren about Emil of Lönneberga. The voices continues: – Also you are gonna look supercompetent and beautiful and sexy with a car jack nonchalantly thrown over your shoulder and level behind your ear and a cordless drill in your front pocket. The ladies will find you irresistable!

This is what my voices sound like. So this year I have spent thousands of swedish crowns on Essential Good-To-Have-Things from different man-traps.

Which is not in any way as bad as buying shoes for the same amount. Obviously! You try to drill a hole in a concrete wall with a pair of black stilettos, or put up a shelf straight with thigh high blood red boots or start a car with Victorian Lace ankle boots (the ones can-can girls have).

When I come to think of it, which I usually try to avoid, the reason why women buy those kind of shoes is of course to get idiots like me to drill holes in concrete walls with our cordless drills, put up shelfs straight with our levels or start a car with our starter battery.... so women wins again. Dammit.