Hand clicking mouse

It is very important that instead of doing creative stuff with your computer you should use it to click on links on the internets like a hen hopped up on 20 espressos looking for seeds.

That way you can get that urge you sometimes get to do something useful with it to pass so you can quickely get back in your comfort zone, and let the time just fly away from you.

Here are some I visit every day. They are carefully researched to be nearly 100% fact free and contain no useful information whatsoever. That's why I like them.

These sites will give you loads of snippets of meaningless facts to spew at social gatherings. You could be like a firehose spraying useless information at the other people, who are like teacups. The size of the teacups represent the amount of useless facts a person can tolerate before they stab you under the table in the gonads with a salad fork. But hey, you came prepared, and are wearing a cup! You are also, as previous experience thaught you wearing non-flammable clothes and underwear, a non stick teflon shirt and protective glasses for not-so-accidental spills, and flying pastries. Funny that people almost always seem to spill on or throw stuff at you or try to set you on fire at parties? Below is my party outfit.

Man wearing coverall + safety glasses + helmetHere you go, start being: clickety, click, clicking in front of your computer, just like me! I'm in my comfort zone right now and it is great in here!


(Interesting stuff of all kinds)


(Cool designed stuff, builndings, products, fashion)


(Random lists)


(Random links, great for bloggers to link too)


(Random funny links)


(Random links to news items of different kinds)


(Random links in Swedish only Flag)


(Mostly funny drunken nightly SMS-messages, in Swedish only Flag)


(Overheard conversations, in Swedish only Flag)


(More overheard conversations. Actually this is the american predecessor for tjuvlyssnat.se. EavesdropDC has been around since feb 2006.)



Photos: Click by Davichi and Safety by wim314.