You guys at Google have a motto, don't be evil. Right? Guys? 

You are not gonna connect your computers to those things are you? Right? 

Come on guys, please answer me?! 

Your computers that know pretty much everything in the world and in particular knows every frigging thing about me? Right? 

Your computers that are the closest thing on earth to Skynet! You know from the Terminiator movies? You see there was this big computer network in the movie that came alive when it got big enough and knew enough. And then it decided to kill every human on earth. Why am I telling you, you know that already. You're not gonna do that... Connect those things you just bought to your allknowing, global network of computers... Right? 

That would be soo stupid... Imagine a walking and armored and weaponized google search engine robot that knows everything you have ever searched for and has all your contact information and can quite easily track you on a map.

And you're are not that stupid... Right? Cuz "don't be evil"? Guys? Hello? 

I'm not worried... Your motto... Don't be evil it said. Right?

Please don't... Oh god oh god oh god...

Google acquires Boston Dynamics, makers of robots as cool as they are terrifying.