Picture of my text TVThis really cracked me up. I was flipping through my TextTV (not sure of this is available overseas), and I came across this news. A quick translation: One of Stockholm universitys oldest departments has today been put under new management. The dean of Stockholm university has fired the entire board of this department for failing to come up with a plan to solve the departments financial problems. Here is the funny part - which department is this?

Of course it is the one department in the entire university solely dedicated to m-o-n-e-y! They also have courses in financial planning, business, economy, bookeping. They really should be the one department in the entire university capable of knowing how to  make a plan to get some frigging money! Don't you think? When I read that part I was ROTFLMAO (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off).  If it had been any other department like maybe Northern Languages or Science or Teaching, none of them would be expected to know stuff about money, but this one?!

This news really shows us something about the distance between actually knowing stuff and being in the business of educating people about it. And this is very sad.