Redhead with a perplexed and confused lookHere is a great concept for you, two words I have put together: "Purposely inept" (maybe it should be purposedly inept, english is my second language so bear with me). The mening of this great concept that I have been observing in other peoples behaviour is this: If you are good at something you will constantly be asked to do more of it. If you display a total lack of skill at something you will not be asked to do it again, and you will not be bothered by people to do stupid shit for them any more. Great isn't it?

Here are some examples:

The receptionist that doesn't ever know where anyone is, what conference rooms are available, when people will get back and even can't make sure the coffe machine is fully stocked will soon have the entire staffed trained to do her job for her. She well have lots of time free for fantazising about shoes, gossiping or catch up on her glossy magazine reading. She is simply brilliant! 

The newlyweds where the husband breaks a few choice items when "helping" with the dishes, and the wife that pretends she doesn't have a clue to work with anything technical. The wife here is actually a little bit smarter since a lot of technical stuff is dirty, disgusting or simply hard to do. So it is much better to blink in that cute way women learn to do, shine a brilliant smile, tilt their heads and say "I don't know anything about changing oil in the car, I thought I could just pour some olive oil on the engine do do that?". For one thing the husband will light up and feel slightly useful for once. This will make him better and more studly in bed later which is good for her, and also, this particular task will take hours and be very dirty, and I'm not talking about the sex now, time that can be better spent if you are a smart woman. She is also brilliant. The husband that gets out of washing dishes will just save 10 minutes a day (the time it takes to throw it all in the disher, the women of world wins again), but adding insulation to the house will take every weekend for three months, then there is the painting of the house, and then there is the... Well you get it now.

The nerdy, ugly, beared, fat guy, that knows everything about computers but pretends he can't tell the difference between a network switch and a network router when asked to fixe some guys computer, but suddenly is a computer guru when the person that asks has a nice rack and is a female.

In conclusion 

Try being bad at stuff once in a while, it sure is a great time saver! And please send me some of the time you save, I can sure use it working through this amazingly long list of females that needs their computers fixed.