Animal from the Muppet Show + A baby up on a ledgeOne of the funniest pieces of dialogue I've ever heard is actually from the movie Muppets Treasure Island (1996). The young boy Jim Hawkins has no fun. He and his two friends Gonzo and Rizzo (who are muppets) are fixing something when this dialogue happens:

Jim Hawkins: – I hate my life.
Gonzo: –I hate your life too.
Rizzo: –If I had a life, I'd hate it.

This really struck a cord with me. It was years ago I saw that movie, but the quote is still funny as hell.

Anyways, people love complaing about their lives, more than thay love telling people how good their life is. Mee too, I love to complain about it. One of theese days all the complaining i do is really going to make a difference, change something. I just know it. It just takes a while before it works, I think.

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But there is some relief to be found, you can write about your miserable life on a special website,made just for that purpose. And of course laugh at others misfortune.Spend a few minutes here every day and save loads of money that wouldjust have been wasted on therapy and pills. I promise, you will feelbetter. 

Remember this: There is always someone somewhere who has it worse than you!Find comfort and an endless amount of joy from that fact. If you haveany doubts about it, go to the site and get the proof.

If you are one of those strange freaks that gets happy whenother people are happy, or even worse, you are one of those disgusting"happy people", then you might want to look at this other site. Where people for some strange reason share there good fortune with others. Not as fun, but I guess there might be some purpose of such a website too, even if I can't think of any.

Alsonote that the number of postings are a lot less frequent on the "I love mylife" site, and that the votes each posting gets are way less. Provingonce again that people really love to complain.

Here they are again, go nuts! 

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Update 2010-01-09: There is now one swedish version of FMyLife, called FanFö Yeay!