Small Wall-E on a pool table, number 9-ball infront. I had a lot of fun during the christmas holiday. One of the theme presents I gave away to my dear sisters daughter (12 years old) this year was a complete animation kit. That kit consists of a digital camera (Samsung 860), two lights and special day white coating light bulbs, mini tripod, a Wall-E figurine, and some other stuff.

With that and some imagination and creativity we made three movies starring Wall-E. They could be better, but hey, they are pretty good for a 12 year old and another 12-year old. I'm refering to my mental age here and not my actual age.

Billard ball

This film has sound. Wall-E finds a ball on the pool table and tries to sink it in the corner pocket.

Christmas Tree

No sound. Wall-E finds a button to play with. But discovers he is not supposed to do that.


No sound. Wall-E finds a cell phone and plays with the buttons. When he stops playing it rings and this scares Wall-E and he runs away. But comes back, a scary thing is fun to play with so...Notice the flapping hands when he gets scared. I'm proud of that.