Business man drunking a whole pot of coffe by pouring it straight down his throatSo maybe I drink a lot of coffe, about 86 epressos in a day, but still, that doesn't make me and addict?!

And it's true that about every two hours I find myself without the will to live, an empty cup of coffe in one hand, a metal fork in the other, staring longingly at the small holes in the wall socket, so what? I'm sure everyone does that! From time to time. Another couple of espressos will fix that right up!

And we who appreciate coffe slightly more than the average person are not crazy coffein addicts hopped up on the "juice" and rambling  on about 15 different topics per minute. We talk much slower than that. Well, before we have had our coffe at least. 

And we don't even talk about what real coffe addicts would. Those people would exchange crazy stories that all starts with "So I got this new bag of beans! From Jamaica!" and end with "...when the Canadian police found me in the dumpster I had made the empty bag of beans into a hat to shield me from the aliens thought rays..." We don't do that! Very often.

Well OK, then! I might have a tiny, weeny problem, and the first step to recovery maybe is acknowledging that I do have a problem, so I should probably do that.

Like use this funny test where you can see if you are a coffe addict and if so, how much. I scored pretty low, but I only did the first three question, before I did something else and then something else and then something else.

I feel really committed now, and a little tired. Really tired. It is all so hopeless. Is that a wall socket?