TED Logo TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and it's a yearly conference in Long Beach in California that started in 1984.

TED is something really cool and also worth many hours of your time once you are hooked on it. TED gives the worlds most facinating thinkers and doers this simple task: Give us the best talk of your life, (in 18 minutes or less). One invited speaker asked about this and said "I don't know what to say", and got the reply "Don't worry, just be profound". So you can imagine how good theese talks are! 😊 

Since we all can't visit this conference, TED has decided, and you should thank them for this by sending them bushels of money or at least register , to post these talks on their website, over 200 now. You can watch them on their site for free or you can watch them in iTunes, also for free. Subscribe in iTunes to get them downloaded as they are released and automatically transfered to your video capable iPod. (Links to iTunes Store: TED Talks , TED Talks (HD), TED Talks (Audio) You can find in iTunes like this: iTunes Store > Podcasts > Arts > TED Talks)

I love taking walks listening to theese and since there is room for it, I feel my IQ  increasing with at least 50 points for every walk. 

My favourite TED Talks, part 1

I will now start a series of blog entrys where list that I think are the most interesting, funny or amazing, and I'm starting with theese five.


Julia Sweeney om att släppa taget om Gud.



Tony Robbins frågar varför vi gör det vi gör.



Hans Rosling visar oss den bästa statistiken du någonsin sett.



David Pogue säger att enkelhet säljer.



Majora Carter's berättar om förorts-förnyelse.



Ken Robinson säger att skolan dödar kreativiteten.

Update 2022-june-04: Updated all the links.