A girl holding a heart shaped pillow to her cheek.One really should appreciate life more, on the whole you don't have it that bad, now do you? At least not if you compare yourself to other sorry losers?

That excellent point aside I would like to give you a tip on how to be a happy person and also tell you the meaning of life: It's to eat more Liquorice! Life is really all to short to not stuff your face with it every day...

Also, if you eat more than 50 grams a day for a few weeks you will experience something very close to love! I'll bet you didn't know that! The feeling of love is like when your heart is racing a 1000 miles per minute and you feel all sorts of lovely things at the same time? Well Liquorice can't give you all those feelings per se, but the heart racing part of it is something Liquorice can do for you. Liquorice speeds up your heartbeat, so eat enough of it and you will totally feel like you are in love, well, without the actual feeling of love of cource.

Just the rapid pounding that feels like you have trapped a 20 pound rat on speed armed with a sledgehammer inside your ribcage. A big rat who is in fact trying to pound his way out of your ribcage with said sledgehammer.

If that's not how you feel when you are in love, then my dear friend, I'm afraid there is probably something really wrong with you... So eat more Liquorice! It will fix you right up!

Here is a girl and a boy full of liquorice, the secret is Liquorice. Probably. 

A june bride and her husband


The store just for Liquorice - Lakritsroten

So where can you find almost every shape or form of Liquorice you might need? In a store here in Stockholm dedicated to  Liquorice. I just love that! It's called Lakritsroten and the address is Odengatan 15 (map on their webbsite). Also, the staff is hot! :)

Lakritsroten butik - Odengatan 15 - Stockholm  

Lakritsroten butik - Odengatan 15 - Stockholm

Lakritsroten butik - Odengatan 15 - Stockholm

Lakritsroten butik - Odengatan 15 - Stockholm    

Fotocredit: Both pictures from the Flickr Commons project . First picture: Mccall Style & Beaty, by Nickolas Muray 1939 from the George Eastman House Collection.  Second picture: Mccall Cover June Bride, by Nickolas Muray 1942 from the George Eastman House Collection

Other pictures of Lakritsroten (store, windows) are by me.